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Getting involved as a radiology trainee

Here we outline the best ways for radiology trainees to get involved with interventional radiology & IR Juniors. We look for current trainees to help with educational and careers initiatives aimed at medical students and junior doctors. Additionally, we have sections of IRJ relevant for current trainees, including collaborative research projects and fellowship opportunities.

Career & Research Opportunities

The IRJ website contains lots of useful information on career opportunities in IR. On the academic careers page, we have included links on advice for pursuing an academic career. Also, be sure to check out our fellowships page for opportunities abroad.  

Teach Medical Students/Junior Doctors

IR Juniors runs a number of different initiatives for students and junior doctors, including IR teaching and radiology applications webinars. We are looking for current radiology trainees to be panelists/presenters for these sessions - if you are interested, then we would love to hear from you! Just email us at

Take part in interventional radiology research

The UNITE Collaborative is the first trainee research collaborative in IR, running multi-centre projects. Getting involved as a local collaborator on these projects is a great way to get involved in national projects, as well as improve your CV for IR. Also, if you have an idea for a national project, then send us a proposal and we can work with you to try and get the project launched!  

Attend educational events

BSIRT and IRJ run educational events including a virtual journal club for trainees, focusing on key topics and papers in interventional radiology. Be sure to tune in every month to learn about the latest developments in IR - a great way to show interest within the field! 

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