Conference Talks

IR Juniors is proud to have achieved early success in our engagement campaigns. We have presented our initiatives at conferences across the country & internationally. Below is a list of the conferences we have had a presence at.


If you are organising an IR event, we would love to work with you to organise an educational workshop for medical students - please get in touch with us!

Conference Talks & Workshops

UK Interventional Radiology Training & The IR Juniors Story

West Coast Vascular & Interventional Radiology Symposium (WVCIR) 2021, USA. Virtual Conference.

Oral Presentation by Indrajeet Mandal.

Portfolio Building for Medical Students & Junior Doctors

Yorkshire Imaging & Interventional Radiology Symposium (YiiRS) 2021, Leeds, UK. Virtual Conference.

Workshops by Yiwang Xu, Indrajeet Mandal and Niall Burke.

Portfolio Building for Medical Students & Maximising Opportunities in Medical School 

Radiological Imaging and Intervention Symposium Edinburgh (RiiSE) 2021, Edinburgh, Scotland. Virtual Conference.

On-demand Seminar by Indrajeet Mandal and Yiwang Xu.