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Getting involved as a medical student

Here we outline the best ways for medical students get involved with interventional radiology & IR Juniors. Whether you are just exploring a few different specialties, or are 100% committed to pursuing interventional radiology, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with the specialty.

Learn about a career in interventional radiology

Introduction to IR. Interventional radiology is a fantastic career that combines clinical medicine, imaging/technology and procedural skills for a huge range of patients and medical conditions. Find out more about exactly what the specialty involves and whether it is right for you by looking through the  introduction to IR and career pathway pages. 

Elective/SSC Placements. Electives are a fantastic way to obtain experience in IR. Many students find that their IR placements are highly valuable experiences with a lots of practical, hands-on exposure. We are collating list of the elective opportunities available across the world, as well as previous elective experiences by medical students.

Attend Educational Events

IR Juniors Events. IR Juniors runs a number of educational events in IR, both on a national level but also in collaboration with UK radiology societies. These include applications and careers sessions, national teaching and journal clubs. Find out more here.    

National and International IR Conferences. There are many IR conferences that are run by national and international societies. Some of these conferences, particularly CIRSE (the European conference), have a well established medical student programme and offer funding to attend the event. These events are also good places to submit a poster presentation. 

Take part in interventional radiology research

Find a research mentor. Many IR departments across the country will be looking for medical students to join research projects. We are developing a research map of academically-interested IR consultants who are keen to mentor medical students on research.

Collaborative Research. The UNITE collaborative is a joint research collaborative run by IRJ and  BSIRT who run multi-centre audit projects. We actively encourage medical students to be local collaborators for these projects. Taking part is a great way to get involved in multi-centre projects, as well as work towards publications/presentations for your CV. 

Academic Careers. IR Juniors wants to support any medical students/juniors who want an academic career. We maintain a website section dedicated to academic career options, including the academic foundation programme (AFP), academic clinical fellowships (ACF) as well as research opportunities.

Join the IR Juniors Committee

Join the IRJ committee. IR Juniors contains a few different sections focusing on different aspects of IR for medical students. Each section has a lead who sits on the IRJ core committee, and leads the team on a number of different projects. We run committee recruitment each year. However, if you have an idea for a project that you want to run with us, please email us at with a proposal for your idea, and we will get back in touch with you.

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