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Introduction to global IR

Access to interventional radiology services is extremely limited in less developed countries. The classic perception of interventional radiology is one of expensive, high-tech procedures. However, even the basic, inexpensive and life-saving procedures are not available to the majority of the world's population due to lack of training and resources. Post-partum haemorrhage and sepsis from ​infected organs continue to be a major cause of death in the developing world, and access to emergency drainage and embolisation procedures is one part of a multidisciplinary solution. 

IR Juniors is committed to working with national and international collaborators to improve both access to IR globally as well as education & training. We encourage medical students to take on electives abroad. If you have an interest in global health, and would like to be involved in our global IR section, please get in touch with us! 

Global Organisations

Road2IR Logo.jpg


Website: | Twitter: @Road2IR

Road2IR is a consortium of individuals and organizations working together to bring interventional radiology training to East Africa. Through outreach and education, they hope to build self-sustaining programs and bring much-needed treatment options to the developing world. There are opportunities for. current trainees to go out to Africa and teach. 

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RAD-AID International

Website: | Twitter: @RADAIDIntl 

The development of IR requires access to imaging modalities and specialist equipment, which creates a financial barrier for many low-middle income countries. RAD-AID is a voluntary organisation that carries out projects in low-middle income countries. In partnership with interventional radiologists in the US, many IR volunteer projects have been set up to help develop overseas IR programs. Additionally, RAD-AID has established a radiology pathway for medical students to get training and take part in field work in developing countries.


SIR RFS International Outreach Committee

The RFS International Outreach Committee is designed to help U.S. trainees find opportunities for international service work, develop connections with trainees in other international societies, and provide online resources for international medical graduates interested in pursuing IR training in the U.S.

Global Organisations

Further Reading


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