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Radiology Applications Series

Applying to radiology is becoming more and more competitive each year. IR Juniors runs a series of webinars aimed at helping you to navigate the application process and provide top tips for the ST1 and academic applications. View our previous sessions below, and do check our our application pages for further advice.

Radiology Applications Series 2021-22


Academic/Specialised Foundation (AFP)


The ST1 Application & Portfolio

RA5 Rad Apps 2021-22 (7).png

Radiology Interview Preparation


Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF)

Rad Apps 4 MSRA.png

The Multspecialty Recruitment Assessment

Rad Apps 2021-22 (7).png

Choosing a Radiology Training Scheme

View the 2020-21 sessions below

The MSRA Exam
Radiology Interviews
Choosing a Training Scheme
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