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Join the IRJ WhatsApp Community


The WhatsApp group was set up to become an informal networking, advice, and support platform for members of both the IR Juniors and wider IR communities

Its role is to provide a central place where both seniors, juniors, and medical students involved with IR can discuss potential research, audit, and teaching ideas.

It has been created to allow those who would not normally be able to easily engage with the IR Community to seek out support and guidance.


What it is not:
A place to discuss patients, non-anonymised cases, or any other confidential matters


It is not a place to get access to personal mobile members of the community and contact directly without first asking permission, or going through more formal channels such as email

It is not a place to promote non-IR related materials, businesses, or general marketing/advertising both related to and not related to medicine


Ground rules:

Admins are only to be members of the IR Juniors Commitee

Be polite and courteous at all times

Do not discuss confidential patient information

Do not directly contact individuals on their personal numbers outside the WhatsApp without explicit permission from the concerned individual to do so

Be open, receptive, and encouraging when giving feedback on project proposals. Do not be demeaning, rude, or unhelpful

No abusive language or inappropriate images

No ‘chain mail’

You may invite appropriate individuals without prior permission from the IR Juniors Committee (Admins) however do not provide the joining link to those who fall outside of the medical/nursing/IR communities (e.g. Press)   

Messages shared on the WhatsApp should be treated with confidence, and screenshots should not be shared without explicit permission from the original sender

If you begin a project on the WhatsApp by finding other individuals, please set up separate conversation to discuss details once projects are underway. The WhatsApp is used to get feedback on ideas, but not as a place to conduct individual projects.


Overall, this is meant to be a Professional Community of like-minded individuals seeking to learn, share, and engage with the wonderful specialty that is Interventional Radiology.

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