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Applying for Radiology

Entry into interventional radiology occurs at an ST4 level. Trainees must first obtain a Clinical Radiology position at ST1, and once core radiology training has been completed, apply locally for ST4-ST6 training in IR. Each deanery their own local application process for IR selection, although London training schemes are conducted via a pan-London application scheme. There will be places for direct entry Interventional Radiology in the future, although the details of these are yet to be confirmed - do keep an eye out for announcements.


Applications for ST1 Clinical Radiology training are becoming more and more competitive each year. Here, we have written a guide on the application process and each of the components within it to help you through the process.

Application Process
Training Schemes
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General Resources 

  • Radiology Cafe. The most comprehensive resource on the Radiology application & a must read for all applicants. 

 MSRA question banks

  • Passmedicine

  • MCQ Bank

  • EMedica 

  • Pastest 


Interview courses

  • Hammersmith Radiology ST1 Interview Preparation Courses


  • Radiology Recipes

Interview books

  • Radiology Interview: The Definitive Guide With Over 500 Interview Questions For ST Radiology Training Interviews: Volume 4 (CT/ST Medical Interview Guides)

  • Medical Interviews - A Comprehensive Guide to CT, ST and Registrar Interview Skills (Third Edition)  Over 120 Medical Interview Questions, Techniques, and NHS Topics Explained

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