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Radiology for FY1s

Radiology for FY1s is a series aimed at preparing new FY1 doctors for the radiology aspect of the job. We know that the radiology aspects of jobs can be one of the most difficult as a new junior doctor - we run this event to get you up to speed with the basics and allow you to be confident with referrals for imaging and interventional radiology.

View our sessions from 2021

Session 1 - Radiology referrals and basics of imaging

The first session of the series took place on 21st July 2021. We were happy to have two excellent speakers for this session. Dr Niall Burke is a foundation doctor at Guys & St Thomas' Hospitals and worked as an interventional radiology radiographer prior to his medical degree. Dr Matt Bracchi is a radiology registrar at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. 

Session 2 - Core cases in diagnostic and interventional radiology

The second session of the series took place on 2nd August 2021. This webinar featured another two fantastic speakers. Dr Imran Lasker is a consultant radiologist at Basildon who has a keen interest in medical education, and he covers some common clinical scenarios involving imaging. Dr Miraen Kiandee is a radiology registrar in Manchester and passionate about interventional radiology, and she covers core interventional radiology cases and procedures, providing highly practical tips relevant to FY1.

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