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Women in IR

Interventional radiology, like many other surgical specialties, has historically been a male dominated field. Despite ever increasing numbers of female medical students and radiology trainees, the under-representation of women as IR trainees and consultants persists.
As demand for IR continues to grow, the IR gender gap needs to be addressed to recruit the talent needed for the growth of the specialty. 

Meet the women paving the way

The BSIR Women in Image Guided Surgery (WIIGS) group was formed to understand the reasons for the gender gap in IR and encourage women to enter the specialty. They held their inagural luncheon at the BSIR ASM 2019 in Manchester. 

The BSIR also established in 2019 a Women and Diversity committee, aiming to address and overcome obstacles to women and marginalised groups against entering or excelling in IR. 

The numbers now

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EVENT: Women In Radiology 

So what is it like working as a woman in this male-dominated field? Find out first hand from the experiences of our esteemed speakers - from  the St Mary's Interventional Radiology department,
Dr Bhavna Pitriola, Dr Samira Rostampour and Dr Alison Graham, as well as from the Department of Medical Physics & Bioengineering at UCL, Dr Karin Shmueli! 

Proudly presented in collaboration with Imperial College Radiology Society, this event will feature a talk delivered by Dr Pitriola about her journey and career experience in IR, followed by a talk by Dr Schmueli providing insight into academic radiology, and will end with an open Q&A discussion with all panelists about the challenges and successes they have faced in their careers! If you're a woman, man or absolutely anyone else interested in radiology, this is not an event to be missed. 

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