The portfolio is a crucial part of the application process. The portfolio is essentially an extended CV that showcases your achievements to date. In recent years, after the shortlisting stage, the portfolio makes up 1/3rd of the total application score.​ 

The portfolio consist of a total of 5 different domains, each scored out of two points. The categories are:

  • Research into a career in radiology
  • Academic achievements
  • Audit/Quality Improvement Projects

  • Teaching

  • Research achievements​​


There are multiple ways to score points in each section. Specific scoring criteria can be seen in the image here. Please note that we would like to heavily emphasise that this is only a guide - it may not be 100% accurate as the process changes slightly year on year.

It is important to ensure that you keep a record of all your achievements and obtain letters or certificates of proof. If you cannot prove that you have done it, then it will not gain credit!

St1 Application process (1).png