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Application Process

Application Overview

Selection to Clinical Radiology ST1 is conducted on a national basis. The London Deanery co-ordinates all applications in the country.


The recruitment cycle begins in October-November each year, where applicants must register for an Oriel account and submit their applications on the online portal. Uploading of portfolio evidence is later in the year, usually December.

Although the number of radiology posts has steadily increased, so has the competition. In 2022 there were 2231 applicants for 361 posts.

At interview, marking criteria has included

  • Committment to Specialty

  • Coping with Pressure and Managing Uncertainty

  • Team Involvement

  • Attributes and Skills

To be covered over 15 minutes

The total score for interview, portfolio and MSRA are added to determine the final ranking of candidates. The highest scoring candidate will get their top preference training scheme, followed by the next highest applicant, and so on until all spots have been filled.  


In some past years, the top-scoring MSRA candidates have been automatically accepted, bypassing the interview. This may or may not continue in coming rounds of applications.

Exact dates will be subject to change year on year. Please see RCR website for more information about the recruitment process:

St1 Application process.png
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