The UK National Interventional Radiology Trainee Research (UNITE) Network is a junior/trainee led research network running multi-centre projects.  We are supported by the BSIR, BSIRT & IR Juniors. 


If you would like to be a collaborator on any of our research projects, or have your own idea that you think could be run as a national audit project, get in touch with us!


UNITE Collaborative Projects

A list of the projects within the IR Research Network

Impact of COVID on Interventional Radiology Services around the world

Systematic review looking into the impact of the COVID19 on interventional radiology services and training across the world. 

Multicentre Audit of Cholecystostomy and Further interventions (MACAFI)

Multi-centre audit looking into the outcomes following gallbladder drainage. Project team - Paul Jenkins, Andrew MacCormick, Jim Zhong.