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About Us

IR Juniors is a UK-founded global community of medical students and junior doctors passionate about interventional radiology. We provide education and research opportunities for medical students and junior doctors.

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Our education webpages contain links to educational webinars and collections of online resources for medical students & junior doctors. IRJ also runs a number of educational events throughout the year. 



Our events webpage contains links to national and international events in IR. Many of these are free for medical students, and also have generous trainee support grants. We also keep a list of upcoming conferences and abstract deadlines. 



The IR Juniors Research Network aims to expand the profile of academic interventional radiology. Initiatives under the research network include a monthly journal club, multi-centre research projects and research careers.


Getting Started

Getting started as a medical student or junior doctor is easy. Three simple steps...

Contact your local IR department

It all starts with getting in touch with your local IR department. Many medical schools have an SSC, but there is nothing stopping you from going down there one day and introducing yourself! 


Get to know the team at your home hospital and spend some time in the IR lab to see what we do. Many departments offer taster weeks. They will also be able to help you with getting research and audit experience. 

Join your local IR society. Or start one!

Most medical schools have a radiology society, but the amount of IR activity varies significantly. On our societies page, we have kept a list of the medical school radiology societies. 

If your medical school doesn't have an IR presence, then why not start your own group? Get in touch with us, and we will help you. 

Get involved with BSIR

Getting involved with the British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR) is a great way to meet other medical students/junior doctors interested in IR. They run an essay competition, where you can win free registration to the BSIR Meeting. Additionally, medical students and foundation doctors can run to be part of the BSIR trainees committee.

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