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Webinar Recordings

TasteIR Webinar Series


Run time

3 hours 30mins


Easy - Medium

No prior experience required!

IR Juniors first webinar series aimed at medical students and junior doctors.

This 3 part series gives a structured introduction and insight on the variety of amazing work done by interventional radiologists  across the UK. 

Week 1: General and Venous IR by Prof Gerry O' Sullivan, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, Galway University Hospital, Ireland

Week 2: Paediatric IR by Dr Alex Barnacle, Consultant Paediatric Interventional Radiologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

Week 3: Interventional Oncology by Dr Pavan Najran, Consultant in Clinical and Inteventional Radiology, The Christie Hospital NHS Trust, Manchester

Access webinar recordings via the BSIR website: 

RCR: Clinical radiology trainee webinar series 

Capture rcr.PNG

Run time

45 - 60 minutes


Easy - Medium

Aimed at Radiology Trainees

Royal College of Radiologist Webinar Series March - July 2020

Over 45 video recordings from Consultant Radiologist Across the UK on various Clinical Radiology Topics.


Top to toe - Pearls and pitfalls in acute radiology by Dr Sonali Limdi

The top ten on call cases not to miss by Dr John Curtis, University Hospital, Aintree

Blunt and penetrating trauma - how I review trauma body CT by Dr Elizabeth Dick

Common radiology on-call scenarios by Dr Radhika Prasad

BSIR Webinar 2020

bsir logo.PNG

Run time

60 - 90 minutes


Hard - Advanced

Aimed at Interventional Radiologist and trainees

British Society of Interventional Raidology Webinar Series 2020

13 week series with experts in the field on various Interventional Radiology topic - techniques, tips and evidenced based practice by British IRs

Week 1 -Endovascular Aortic Repair :Planning, decision making, equipment choice and troubleshooting for intra procedure difficulties  

Week 2 - IR in Trauma; top tips and tricks and learned lessons! 

Week 3 - IR of Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage

Week 4 - PAD Part 1 (Fermoropopliteal)

Week 5 -PTC & Biliary Interventions

SIR- RFS Webinar

sir rfs.PNG

Run time

30 - 60 minutes


Easy - Medium

Aimed at medical students and junior trainees

Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR)'s Resident Fellow Student (RFS) archive of webinar series conducted over the last few years  2014 - present

An excellent mix of carer advice and fundamental tutorials on IR techniques and development.


1. SIR-RFS Webinar 6/11/20: COVID Webinar Series 

2. SIR-RFS Webinar 10/10/20: MSC- What is Interventional Radiology?

3. SIR-RFS Webinar (10/17/2016): Public Education about IR and the Interventional Initiative

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