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The Specialised Foundation Programme
(previously Academic Foundation Programme)

Introduction to the SFP

The specialised foundation programme (SFP) is a great way to get involved in a research project . The programme runs along the UK Foundation Programme. Doctors who are selected  get protected time and access to training & a research mentor in order to complete an academic project of their choice. This is usually 4 months out of the 2 year Foundation Programme. The majority of programmes are in research, although teaching and leadership opportunities are available across the country.  

The application process is separate to the main foundation programme application. Candidates are allowed to apply to a maximum of TWO units of application (UOA). Each UOA  contains a few different AFP programmes, and has their own individual selection criteria and scoring. ​

If you are keen on a career in radiology/interventional radiology, then doing an \dFP is a great way to get into the academic side and increase your exposure to the specialty. However, a radiology AFP is certainly not mandatory. Additionally, imaging is important in lots of specialties, and it is possible to do an AFP in another specialty and put an imaging spin on your project if you wanted to!  

More information

See the Foundation Programme Website for more information

The number and theme of posts will likely change year to year, but here are the posts available for 2023

Each specialised Unit of Application has their own website which will have the most up-to-date information

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