The Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF)

Introduction to the ACF

The academic clinical fellowship (ACF) is a great way to get involved in academic radiology. The ACF is a 3 year programme which runs alongside the Clinical Radiology training program. Entry is possible at multiple levels but this varies by deanery - programs are offered at ST1. ST2 and ST3 levels. Doctors who undertake an ACF get 25% of their time protected for research, as well as access to training in research methods. Each ACF has a research theme and a lead supervisor.  

The ACF application process is separate to the ST1 Clinical Radiology Application. Candidates are allowed to apply to as many programs as they like. Each program has its own application process, however they follow the NIHR guidance for selecting candidates.


If you are keen on a career in radiology/interventional radiology, then doing an ACF is a great way to get into the academic side and increase your exposure to the specialty. However, it involves a significant time commitment alongside clinical radiology training and FRCR exams. 

ACF Programs 2021

Here we show all of the deaneries offering Radiology ACFs for the year 2021. Please look at the job descriptions on Oriel for further information on the ACF schemes themselves. 

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