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Training Schemes

Introduction to Training Schemes

Every radiology training scheme is different. Although almost all training schemes will provide you with the core competencies of being a radiologist and have high satisfaction, they differ in their geography, time spent in DGH vs tertiary centres, teaching, oncall commitments and additional opportunities e.g. research. Academies are also a factor to think about - some people prefer this model of training, whereas others do not. Think about which factors are most important to you, and pick a training scheme based on this.

The academy model emphasises didactic learning from classroom lectures, small group teaching, webinars, hands-on workshops and curated case libraries.

Interventional Radiology training (general and neuro) also differs in the different training programs. Although you can apply for other training schemes at ST4 level, generally speaking there is a strong preference for local applicants (many don't allow external applications). Therefore it is highly likely that you will do your interventional radiology training in the same place that you do your main radiology training. Different hospitals vary on the range of procedures they do and quality of hands-on training. 


Radiology Learning London. The london radiology trainees have collaborated to create this website for current and prospective radiology trainees. On this website, it contains information on each of the london training schemes, and it is a fantastic website covering the different aspects of these. LINK.

Radiology Cafe. They have a handy guide covering training schemes and how to pick one. LINK.

IR J Webinars we have several old webinars with input from trainees across the UK:

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