Publications & Presentations

Medical Student/Junior Doctor Engagement; The First Online community for Aspiring Interventional Radiologists. Mandal I, Modi S, Burke N, Nagesh N. Makris GC. CIRSE, 2020. Presented by Indrajeet Mandal. Oral Presentation.
The Use of Twitter as a tool to boost engagement with the Junior IR Community: Early Insights. Modi S, Mandal I, Burke N, Nagesh N. Makris GC. BSIR ASM, 2020. Presented by Sachin Modi. Poster Presentation.

Interventional Radiology & COVID19

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on interventional radiology services across the world. Xu Y, Mandal I, Lam S, Trompoukis N, Uberoi R, Sabharwal T, Makris GC. Clinical Radiology, 2021

Multicentre Audit of Cholecystostomy and Further interventions (MACAFI)

Project in progress