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Multicentre Audit of Cholecystostomy and Further interventions (MACAFI)

The Multicentre Audit of Cholecystostomy and Further intervention (MACAFI) Audit is the first national audit to be launched under the UNITE Collaborative, and this is a joint venture between IRJ and BSIR/BSIRT.

Current Status: Recruiting CLOSED


Please let us know if you are interested to get involved and provide us with your name, designation, hospital and contact email - please respond to bsirt@bsir.orgData collection will now close on Friday 14th May and collaborators must submit their data to BSIRT by this date. All local collaborators will be named as a co-author on subsequent output from this study e.g. publications and presentations.


The study protocol must be registered locally as an audit where possible, or research/formal ethical approval obtained if required. A Caldicott letter of approval from your Information Governance team is likely to be required. This must be completed before starting data collection. 


The main documents for this project can be viewed below. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

Key Documents


Click here to view the protocol for the MACAFI Audit.


Click here to view our FAQ document


Click here to view the task checklist for each site.


Click here to view the authorship/roles statement


Click here to download the draft Excel Workbook for data entry.

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