The Clinical Radiology recruitment interview has undergone changes in recent years. In 2021, it changed to a single station lasting 15 minutes. The interview is designed to assess your personal qualities and attributes and suitability for a career in Radiology. Each interviewer scores the applicant out of 30, and these are added together to form the total interview score.

In previous years, interviews used to contain two stations - one station assessed your portfolio, and the other station assessed your personal skills and attributes.


Within these 15 minutes, you will be assessed on the following domains: 

  • Commitment to Specialty

  • Coping with Pressure & Managing Uncertainty

  • Teamwork Situation

  • Attributes and Skills


Specific scoring criteria can be seen in the table. N.B. This is only a guide and so may not be 100% accurate, and is also likely to change year on year.

ST1 interview scoring_edited.jpg