Structure of the interview:

The current Clinical Radiology recruitment interview consists of 10 minutes preparation time followed by 2 ten-minute stations. Each station has two interviewers who mark you separately.


  • 10 minutes preparation– portfolio scoring

    • You are asked to scoreyourselfon 5 different categories:

      1. Research into a career in radiology

      2. Academic achievements

      3. Audit/Quality Improvement Projects

      4. Teaching

      5. Research achievements

  • Specific scoring criteria can be seen in the table.
    N.B. We would likely to heavily emphasise that this is only a guide and so may not be 100% accurate and is also likely to change year on year

Scoring Criteria.png

First 10 minute station – verified portfolio score and global impression score

  • During this station, the interviewer will ask for evidence for everything you have self-scored on your form. You will have to show them certificates/posters/letters etc directly from your portfolio. They may also probe and ask questions about each achievement, and generate an impression score. You should know your portfolio inside out, as it can be difficult to find individual pieces of work under pressure

  • Each interviewer will give you a maximum of 10 marks for the specified portfolio criteria and 10 marks for a general impression/how you answer questions. Therefore, the maximum mark for this station is 40

Second 10 minute station – commitment to specialty station

  • The scope of this station can be very broad

  • Have knowledge of the current trends and latest breakthroughs in radiology – what have you read about recently?

  • You could be asked questions about your experiences in a radiology departmente.g. taster weeks, electives

  • Also have knowledge of other important radiology topics all doctors should be aware of: e.g. radiation safety, safety with contrast

  • And prepare for general interview questions, such as greatest strengths and weaknesses as these are all possible questions too

  • Each interviewer provides a score out of twenty. Therefore, the maximum mark for this station is also 40


Station 1 and 2 are therefore scored out of a maximum of 40 marks each, giving a total of 80. The MSRA is also scaled to a mark out of 40 and combined with your interview score to give a total out of 120. Of all 600 candidates interviewed, everyone is ranked based on their score /120. The top 250 candidates are then offered jobs, with higher ranking candidates being offered their preliminary job choices.